Talking Angela  is a female cat from Talking Friends.

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Talking Angela is a fashionable cat.

She lives in an apartment with her  friends in Paris. Tom is her 

boyfriend. You can chat with her . 

Buy her drinks. 

List of drinks :

1.Night Nectar

2.Rainbow Splash

3.Giggle juice

4.Distortion Potion

5.Scary Slurp

6.Lightning Shot

7.Pinch Gulp

8.Swirl Sip

9.Earthquake Shake

You can ask her for some quizzes. You can use commands like Quiz,

Give me a quiz , etc.

( You can chat with Talking Angela with English and French. Like

Bonjour, etc.)

You can use commands to her like Feed the birds, Tell me a joke, 

Buy drinks, etc.

You can style her,  Discuss things and you can read a fortune cookie

with her. You can chat with her by pressing the text field or you can 

use the dictation. You can get plenty of quizzes from her. 

List of quizzes and games :

1. Cat Trivia Quiz

2.Nice-o-meter Quiz

3.April Fools Day Quiz

3.Halloween Quiz

4.Guess the Celeb Game

5.Guess the Movie Star Quiz

6.Guess the Animal Game

7.Grammar Quiz

8.Valentine's Day Quiz

9.How Romantic Are You Quiz

10.How Catlike Are You Quiz

11.Dinosaurs Quiz

12.Silly Summer Quiz

13.The Oscars Quiz

14.Are You Easily Distracted Quiz

15.My Talking Angela Quiz

16.My Talking Tom Quiz