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This article is about My Talking Tom app. You may be looking for My Talking Tom+ or the sequel.
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The Chinese version of this game is not available on the Google Play and App Store due to it being a Chinese version. If you want to play the Chinese version you can find the apk here!
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This game has a chinese version of the game, so you will have to put your ID and your real name to play the chinese version. Users outside of China should put the name 项雪佳 in the name field, then put 330102199806070012 in the ID field.

My Talking Tom is a first series of My Talking, and virtual pet app which was released on 11 November 2013 for Android and published by Outfit7. It was a massive success, getting 1 million downloads, and spawning six sequels, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank, My Talking Tom Friends, My Talking Angela 2, and My Talking Hank: Islands. It plays similar to old Tamagotchi machines and Pou, a game that came a year before the app.


My Talking Tom is a game similar to virtual pet games. In this game, players will have to take care of an anthropomorphic male cat named Tom to help him grow. The players can do so by feeding him when he is hungry, taking him to the toilet whenever he needs to urinate or defecate, or put him to sleep when his energy level is low. The players can also become friends with Tom by petting him and playing games with him or taking a shower. Since Tom is originally naked, players can give him his own style by choosing clothes to put on him.


Living Room[]

This is the first room you enter at the start of the game. In this room, you can make Tom happy by playing minigames or interacting with him in different ways: you can talk to him to make him repeat your words, poke him, pet him, or touch the stuff in his room.


Whenever Tom is hungry, you have to go to the kitchen to give him food. If you click the refrigerator on older versions of this app, it does nothing, but on newer, current versions of this app, you can buy food for Tom if you press the refrigerator. In the Chinese version of the game, you can make food for Tom in the microwave by mixing any food items.

Note: In the Chinese version, you can only add foods 3 times in the microwave before it breaks.


You have to enter this room when Tom needs to use the toilet or take a bath. Sometimes, he will need to urinate, while other times he will need to defecate. In the older versions of the game, only the sound of Tom urinating can be heard whenever Tom is urinating in the toilet, and he would always keep the door closed. In the newer versions, the door is sometimes open and sometimes closed unless an option is enabled in the settings of the game that makes the door always closed.

Note: While Tom is urinating, he will sometimes turn around and make silly faces at the player. This only happens if the door is open.


Whenever Tom is sleepy, you take him to the bedroom. When you press the lamp to turn off the light, he will go to sleep, unless his energy is higher than 90%.

Note: Tom's needs in each of the rooms are urgent whenever they are 30% or less.


  • Tom
  • Angela (four minigames, pictured on a frame)
  • Hank (one minigame, pictured on a shirt)
  • Ginger (one minigame)
  • Ben (one minigame)
  • Pierre (one removed minigame, Happy Face)
  • Santa (on Christmas toilet door)
  • Becca (one minigame, Jigsaw Puzzles)


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The first scene you’ll see

When you first play the game, an opened box will appear from the top of the screen, then comes flying down. Talking Tom comes out of the box. Firstly, he will say, "I'm hungry. Let's go to the kitchen." You then click on the kitchen icon and feed him a strawberry. Then, he will say, "I have to pee. Let's go to the bathroom." When you click on the bathroom icon, Tom will urinate in the toilet. After that, Tom's joy will reduce, and he says, "I want to play. Let's go to the living room." When you do, he looks sad and says, "Pet me please." After you pet him, he will get sleepy and says, "I'm sleepy. Let’s go to the bedroom." Once you get there, he says "Turn off the light." You click the lamp to do so. He will then go to sleep. After he does, the game will ask you to name your pet kitten. Then, the player reaches level 2, and unlocks the White Fur, Aloha Outfit, and Blue Eyes for Tom.


Removed minigames[]


Mature content ahead!
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This page may contains mature content, which includes language, sexual references, and other. which may be disturbing to some.

The app was reported for having advertised age-inappropriate ads for adult services. In 2015, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that advertising for an adult website was delivered to underage children via the app[1][2]. The ASA noted that Outfit7 "had a strict advertising policy" but that the company "had not been able to identify which ad network had served an age-inappropriate ad on a children’s app" and how the ads were shown in the app[3].


Icon Name About
MTT+Icon My Talking Tom+ My Talking Tom+ is a game made by Outfit7 exclusively for Apple Arcade released on August 11th 2022. This version contains some minor differences like HD graphics, does not contain ads and in-app purchases, and etc.


  • In October 2013, the app was teased on Talking Tom & Friends TV's YouTube channel.[4][5]
  • This is the first game in the My Talking Series.
  • You could sign in/sign up into Facebook and visit your friends and see their high scores, and you could visit other players. The friends feature was removed in 2016, and in 2018 the Facebook features were removed. Facebook features stopped being added to older versions in late 2019.
  • If you install an older version, for example, 1.0 on Android 9+, the game will crash so it means you must have an older version of Android.
  • In older versions, Tom had a reaction when he was being showered, but this was removed in later versions.
  • In the old versions, a record button existed, and you would make videos on the app. But this was removed in 2016 for unknown reasons.[6]
  • Some of the foods were reused from Talking Ginger 2.
  • Originally Squeak, Gus and Dot were going to appear in this game, but the idea was scrapped for unknown reasons.
    • It is possible that they were simply left over from the development of the second game.
  • The Flappy Tom minigame is based off of the game Flappy Bird.
  • This is the first game with a higher frame rate. All previous games had a low frame rate but this game has a smoother frame rate.
  • In some old versions, some minigames were unlocked by leveling up. In newer versions, this no longer happens.
  • In the old versions of the game, Tom would always close the door when he would go to the bathroom. Now he leaves the door open when he goes to the bathroom. However, there is a setting where you can always keep the doors closed in the bathroom.
  • In old versions of the game, it would take a few hours for Tom to get tired.
  • This is the first Outfit7 game to get one billion downloads in 2022 (Play Store).
  • This app's YouTube Trailer is currently the most popular video of the Talking Tom & Friends channel.
  • There was a lite version of this game exclusive for Android only which was later removed. [7]
  • Some sound effects were reused from Talking Pierre.
  • The sound file for when Tom is in the bathroom has an inappropriate name of Shitting-TomShittingMusic01_MUSIC_OGGLOAD.sfx
    • Also, the animation files of Tom pooping have inappropriate names of ShittingL, shittingLegs and ShittingStart.
    • This same thing happens in Talking Angela and Talking Santa.
  • When you reach level 999, a system message will pop up that will say "Congrats! You reached the max. level. More levels coming soon."
  • When version arrived, the bathroom door script was updated. However, it gets buggy on some occasions when executed.

Glitches from old version[]

In old versions, it has the most amount of bugs, different from the new version.

  • When Tom closes the door, if you poke his leg after the door closes, this will trigger Tom to play the animation. The animation will be shown in full, when it wasn't supposed to.
  • In old versions, if you went to the kitchen or bathroom while Tom was sleeping, he would still be asleep and not wake up.
  • In old versions, when Tom is sleeping and when he wakes up, the "Z Z Z" still shows up when he is awake. It appears on rare occasions.
  • In some Samsung devices (Android 9 devices) when the game installs data and starts up, there's a rendering bug that always shows Tom's eyes, rooms glitched, and everything is backface culling. This happens mostly in v1.0 until v1.3 versions.
  • If your old Android device has 99% of used storage or has bad RAM, the game freaks out, Tom's animations bugs out, making only the mouth and the eyes have working animations.
  • In some rare occasions, when you start up the game, sometimes the leveling up screen appears. When Tom is leveling up, a rare glitch pops up and crashes the game. The glitch is: Tom is t-posing and the level up text is subtitled as "Description Text".

General Bugs[]

The bugs that have not yet been patched since version 1.0.

  • There's a bug where when you hit Tom until he falls, hold the food in the center and for some reason, Tom will act like he's full. This bug occurs on both the old and new versions.


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