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Talking Ben

I'm Ben. I'm a genius.

— Talking Tom and Friends website

Benjamin, known by his friends as Ben, is one of the main characters of the Talking Tom & Friends Franchise. He is recognized as a genius and often referred to a nerd by his friends.



Talking Tom and Friends

Ben is a brown/tan dog, possibly a Bernedoodle with brown eyes.

Like most nonhuman characters in the series, Ben did not wear clothes in the first three seasons. In Season 4 onwards, he now wears a white checked polo t-shirt with blue and red lines on it, dark green trousers and blue sneakers.

Starting from Waitress Angela, he gains a third outfit, which is used interchangeably with his Season 4 outfit. In this outfit, he wears a green collared shirt with a purple necktie.

Talking Tom Heroes

He wears a blue polo shirt, with blue jeans as his casual outfit.


Talking Ben the Dog

Ben is a retired chemistry professer. He is seen holding a newpaper and appears to be old.


Ben is a skilled mathematician and also a computer programmer. He also reacts quite rashly when someone damages his things but is quite friendly. He likes to think quick and solve problems, using his own interests to his advantage. He is helpful, he wants to help the world improve, and likes to work, even when overworking himself at times, he doesn't like getting pulled away from it. He tries to focus and not goof off.

Ben is very honest, genius, friendly and a little bit easy-going sometimes. He is heroic, selfless, and tries his best to invent any gadget for good. Most of the people are fond of his smart activities. He can be cordial to his best friend and bestie, as well as to the persons who really love him. He tries to avoid his enemies to make the situation peaceful. He's known as very unique one in Talking Tom and Friends show.



Talking Tom and Friends

Early life
Ben met Tom nearly 8 and a half years ago, at the age of 14. They bumped into each other while using their electronic devices, and became best friends.

Tom and Ben Enterprises
When they were teenagers, Tom and Ben started a tech company called Tom and Ben Enterprises. They did not have a proper business plan at the time, however, and started casually inventing devices such as Boomerang. An idea pitched by Hank led to the creation of the Talking Tom app.

In "Glitch Apocalypse", Ben was accused of causing an invasion of Zappers and was arrested by the Agency. He was banned from using technology as a result, and after breaking the ban, he was given a bracelet that electrocuted him whenever he used an electrical device, even in the case of emergencies. However, the bracelet was removed in "Space Rescue".


Talking Ben the Dog

Ben is a retired chemistry teacher and resides in his house.


  • Ben's voice actor, James Adomian, also voices the MC, Dr. Technology, McGillicuddy, and Ginger's classmate Ronnie Bergstedt.
  • He is right-handed.
  • Confirmed in "Assertive App", he is 22 years of age.
  • His favourite movie is "Science: The Movie". As for his favourite amusement park, "The Enchanted Headache".
  • His favourite type of ice cream is strawberry ice cream, the same as Angela's.
  • In "A Secret Worth Keeping", he reveals that he is not good at keeping secrets.
  • Autumn Summers once mistook his name as "Bentucius" in the episode "Fancy Party".
  • While Ben was shown to be taller than Tom in the earlier seasons, the later seasons reversed it with Tom being taller than him.
  • Ben's birthday is on January 24th
  • He has a strange obsession with Ping Pong.
  • Ben always eats a large amount of snacks everytime he is sad or his inventions fails.
  • The nickname "Ben Prime" is not related to a non Talking Tom character, Ben Tennyson